H-1B Visa Extension Could be Discontinued
05 Jan 2018 Recently new proposal from the US president regarding the H-1B visa may ban extending H-1B visa. This visa is granted mostly to Indian citizens working in USA mainly in the IT sector. The visa allows the holders to work in the USA for 2 terms by 3 years and an extension is granted while the holder is waiting to be green car... Read more
New US Visa Regulation Changes
15 Dec 2017 During 2017 the US border control changed a lot of visa regulations under the influence of the new US president. Many visa programs has been updated even canceled which caused many scandals and a lot of people were disappointed. A lot of media attention was attracted by the decision to ban citizens from 7 countries to enter... Read more
Canada Opens More Visa Application Centers in China
24 Nov 2017 The Canadian government has opened several additional Visa Application Centers in China. The new centers are opened in order to support the high demand of Canadian visas. Up to date the visa applications from China are more than half a million, about 15 % increase compared to 2016. The new visa centers are located in Chengd... Read more
Canada Working Holiday Visa Program 2018 is Now Open
17 Nov 2017 Canadian Working Holiday Visa 2018 Program is now open for applicants. Each year the Canadian government and border control release thousands of quotas for the well known International Experience Canada or Working Holiday Visa program. The quotas could be released in or two rounds depending on the needs of the government. C... Read more
Canada Will Admit 1 Million Immigrants Next 3 Years
10 Nov 2017  Canadian government recently made an announcement regarding its approach about the immigration. In the next 3 years period the country will allow 1 million immigrants to enter the country. This plan will be executed in 3 steps each year about 300 000 immigrants will be welcomed in Canada. This decision is taken after... Read more